Jubilee Family Massage
Lynna D. Fuller, LMT, PhD


My name is Lynna Fuller, and I am a licensed massage therapist (MA#60023935) specializing in deep tissue massage, trigger point work, targeted hot stones, and massage cupping. I became an LMT because I saw too much pain in the world, and not enough "care" in the world of "healthcare."

Pain is pain, whether you have a "genuine medical issue" or are simply "stressed out." Physical pain is an alert system. Pain can eventually become your enemy if you do not listen to its message and make changes to improve your health and outlook. My job is to employ healing touch to help you combat such pain--to listen to what your pain is trying to tell you, then either release the pain, learn to control it, etc. The world would be a better place if we all listened more carefully to our bodies and maintained them with regular massage--which is one of the best kinds of preventive healthcare in existence. Come in, start getting massage, and see how true this really is!

Lynna Fuller, LMT, PhD

MA 60023935